Stockholm Syndrome and Dental Software

If you feel like your data is forever entwined with your present practice management system, you are being held hostage. This is not necessarily based on reality, but it is a dangerous mindset that leads to staying with software long past its utility. Having helped many practices select, purchase, and implement a new EHR, I have been involved in numerous transitions between different software–yes, it can happen! There are processes and methodologies to leave your present software and move to another.

In a perfect world, when negotiating an EHR purchasing contract, I would ask the vendor to include what is known as a “transition clause”, which outlines how a vendor will assist in the conversion process should their practice leave them and transition to a new system.

However, the reality is such that dental practices and their attorneys typically don’t demand a detailed “transition clause.” Without this assurance in writing, dental practices can feel trapped. In lieu of this clause though, if the present practice management system is using a “standard” database it should be possible through standard technologies to export the data to a new system.

For more, listen to the full 3 minute podcast.

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Mike Uretz has advised health practices on contracts and negotiations for over thirty years.