One of the most well received sessions for the overall program

This is in support of the workshops and seminars conducted by Mike Uretz on electronic health record (EHR) system selection and contract negotiations. Mike has substantial knowledge and experience in these areas, as evidenced by the fact that he is asked to speak at numerous seminars and conferences nationwide. Mike participated in the Knowledge Development Program this past spring conducting a seminar for all state agencys attending the program. His education session, in addition to being highly informative, lively, and interactive, was one of the most well received sessions not just for the Spring Learning Session, but also for the overall KDP program.

Providers and organizations looking to select and purchase an EHR would greatly benefit from these workshops and seminars. We plan on having Mike conduct several of these sessions during the course of our upcoming national education program. I believe the participants in their respective state  programs would greatly benefit from these sessions as well.

Glen Moy
Knowledge Development Program