How to choose the right dental software

Dental software is quickly becoming the lifeblood of any practice or group. All aspects of a practice are becoming more dependent on software technology. Next generation, state of the art practice management and claims processing systems, sophisticated clinical software including electronic health records, electronic referral management, integrated imaging, demand for patient web access, governmental mandates for interoperability of patient records, and increased HIPAA reporting and liability are just a few of the dental software driven changes facing today’s dental practices.

Some dental schools do cover a few areas of practice management so you will be better prepared for the business aspects of dentistry. However, most dental schools don’t prepare students to deal with the increasingly complex world of dental software that will run both your clinical and administrative operations for years to come. Some graduates won’t think about preparing to select, purchase and implement dental software until it’s too late. Whether you plan on starting your own practice, or joining an existing practice, dental software vendors will try to earn your business. And if you’re not prepared to make this decision, the vendors will have the upper hand.

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