Secure HIPAA Compliant Email and Communications in Dental Software

Electronic communications continue to increase. How can dentists be HIPAA-compliant and still meet patient needs? Mike Uretz interviews Rohit Joshi, CEO of Brightsquid to discuss dental electronic communications and secure patient data transmission. Between dental offices, referrals from general dentists to specialists and back again has become a predominantly online process, and this reduces errors and increases speed of estimates and scheduling of procedures.

Hundreds of megabytes are exchanged regularly as dental images are shared back and forth between professionals. Transmitting those securely, within regulations, and quickly is a growing and pertinent need for dental professionals. There are additional features that can emerge with this sort of online platform, including collaborative consultations and study clubs for ongoing learning.

Brightsquid assists dentists with transferring and sharing images, patient records and diagnostic information securely and confidently. What does the back end look like? How does Brightsquid ensure HIPAA compliance? What is the secure email system like? Listen to find out.

13 minutes