Negotiating Dental Software Contracts: Tips for Small and Large Practices

Mike Uretz has been negotiating healthcare technology contracts for over thirty years, and in the video below and the article in Dental Practice Management, he discusses the top mistakes dental practices can avoid.

For instance:

“Ask for milestone-based payments. As the vendor completes certain pre-determined project milestones, it receives a portion of its fee. A milestone-based payment system is the best incentive for the vendor to complete the project successfully and in a timely fashion.” –Mike Uretz, “3 common mistakes made when signing dental electronic health records contractsDental Practice Management, August 14, 2014.

Advocating for a small or a large dental practice requires understanding the technology, the implementation process, and the vendor’s goals. The contract is a basis for a relationship with the vendor that will hopefully lead to a successful, efficient practice that is able to meet legal and regulatory requirements. To that end, dental practices need to be aware of standard industry practices and “accountability is key.”

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