Greenway Acquisition of MediaDent to Support Dental and Medical Health Information Exchange (HIE)

I remember sitting in a workgroup meeting  on software vendor interoperability about a year ago wondering why we were just discussing interoperability of dental images between dental vendors and not the longer-term goal of interoperability of patient records between dental and medical providers. With concepts such as accountable care and the patient centered medical home (PCMH) coming to the fore and more medically compromised patients sitting in the dental chair every day, the technology allowing sharing of patient information between dental and medical will be a key tool as we strive for better outcomes.

Having known Greenway Health for a number of years as one of the top top vendors in the medical EHR industry through my work with medical practices, and having had numerous technical conversations with leaders at MediaDent, an innovative dental software provider, I was excited to see that MediaDent recently became a division of Greenway Health.

This sets the stage for a dental EHR and medical EHR to share patient data using industry standard technologies.

Being interested in where this is all going, I interviewed Tim McLaughlin, ( marketing manager for the new dental division of Greenway Health. We discuss how medical dental Health Information Exchange (HIE) will grow in the near-term, how information exchange supports the oral systemic connection, and how Greenway is exploring ways to accelerate this much needed technology.