Secure Email and HIPAA Compliance: Features of Brightsquid’s Product

Complying with HIPAA and maintaining patient data securely is an effective strategy to reduce time-consuming communication and remediation after a breach. If a breach has occurred, the ADA has resources to assist dentists in that process. However, many dentists still use web-based email programs that are not HIPAA compliant. If patient information is sent through Gmail, Outlook or other typical programs, that violates HIPAA.

What can dentists do?

One type of product that has emerged to handle HIPAA compliance is dental email and networking sites, which are secure locations to exchange information with other dentists, dental laboratories, primary care providers or other involved health parties. Brightsquid’s secure email offering, Secure-Mail, is one such product, and this article details some of the features dentists can expect while using it.

Secure-Mail works like any other web-based email: a dental user logs in to an account and can send messages, attach files or images, and can review past messages. In addition, Secure-Mail offers patient-centric views that aggregate emails and attachments about a particular patient. The system has unlimited storage, which allows dental practices to use it to communicate with dental laboratories, referring dentists, primary care providers and even patients.

In addition, Secure-Mail can work with another email program, providing updates and notifications to a dental practice’s primary email addresses.

In addition to providing HIPAA compliance, Secure-Mail offers dentists the security of a data trail, which allows for auditing and tracking information necessary for reporting and internal analytics.

Brightsquid is one company stepping into the technology gap left by traditional behavior and the current regulatory environment. A dental practice in need of secure, HIPAA-compliant communication can immediately use Secure-Mail to reduce breaches, increase compliance and securely track and audit data.

Lessons Learned:

  • Most email is not HIPAA-compliant, and dentists need to change behaviors and technology to ensure compliance.
  • Secure-Mail, offered by Brightsquid, is a HIPAA-compliant secure email solution that can work with existing programs or be a standalone communication environment.
  • Dental practices who have referrals, work with dental laboratories or want to email patients treatment information should consider secure, HIPAA-compliant email as an alternative to breaches, hefty fines and losing patient trust.