The Future of Dental EHRs


The dental industry is quickly embracing integration and dental Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in practice workflows. Fortunately, in terms of where this is all going, we have history on our side and lessons learned based on the EHR boom over the past few years in the medical industry (which I have experienced firsthand through my education and consulting work). With dramatic changes in healthcare and technology in general, your practice will be looking at “next-generation” dental EHR features and functionality to improve patient care and stay competitive. Some of the main drivers that will require sophisticated dental EHRs include:

  • 1. Growing importance of the oral-systemic connection
  • 2. Demand for accountable care
  • 3. Liability and risk mitigation
  • 4. Introduction of State Mandates
  • 5. Expansion of HIPPA
  • 6. Explosion of mobile technology
  • 7. Patient perception
  • 8. Popularity of patient Web portals
  • 9. Electronic Prescribing becoming standard
  • 10. Introduction and use of diagnostic coding

Read the full Dental Practice Management article here! — Uretz, Mike (2014) “10 reasons why your dental practice will soon be using Electronic Health Records (EHRs)Dental Practice Management May 6th.