MacPractice Advancements in Dental ePrescribing: The Inside Scoop from CEO Mark Hollis


Mark Hollis, CEO of MacPractice

In March 2015, every health provider will be required to use electronic prescribing. One problem with this mandate is the slow process of practices and pharmacies transferring over to electronic prescribing. MacPractice is leading the way with developing, implementing and supporting practice management software for doctors and dentists who prefer to use Mac software. In this week’s Dental Software Advisor Podcast, CEO of MacPractice Mark Hollis discusses the changes with electronic prescribing and how MacPractice has implemented electronic prescribing in their software and where the future of Dental Practice Management programs are headed.

What is the importance of electronic prescribing and how does MacPractice implement this software?

Electronic prescribing is a vital tool for dental practices and a necessary aspect for all Electronic Health Records program. MacPractice has integrated an easy-to-use, secure service for dentists to utilize electronic prescribing. This new advancement in electronic prescribing implementation allows dentists to manage and submit prescriptions utilizing robust patient safety features for drug reviews and managed care checks. The abundance of services provided by MacPractice software allows dental practices to maintain up-to-date information across the board.

How will electronic prescribing work when prescribing controlled substances?

Current mandates handed down by the Federal Government require software services that implement electronic prescribing must ensure safety and security when prescribing controlled substances. According to Mark, most electronic prescribing programs including MacPractice, allow doctors and dentists to prescribe controlled and uncontrolled substances. As regulations continue to evolve, it will likely come down to individual state’s decisions on how regulated prescriptions are prescribed.

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