Find and Implement the Right Dental ePrescribing System for You and Your Practice




After interviewing a number of eRX companies and dental software vendors, it is apparent that they are preparing for the explosion of eRX use in both New York and other states that will inevitably follow New York’s lead.

So, if you are a dentist in New York, you’re probably scrambling to find a suitable eRX system for your practice or group. You have to, or you won’t be able to prescribe medications beginning March 27. But I’d also like to address dentists that don’t have the mandate breathing down on them, but still have the choice to decide whether or not to adopt eRX – or continue their “old school” medication management ways. I have been evangelizing the benefits of eRX for the past few years. It boils down to a couple of basic questions you need to ask yourself when it comes to your medication management:

1) Would you like to reduce your potential for error and liability?

2)  Would you like to improve patient care when it comes to their medication management?

To learn more about the electronic prescribing, and to access vendor resources, read my Dental Products Report here!