New FDA Proposal Is Another Huge Step for Dental Electronic Prescribing

A recent announcement from the BakerHostetler law firm outlines a new FDA proposal that would require drug manufacturers to post their prescription information in electric form. This easy-to-update database would be available for doctors, drug companies, patients and pharmacists. The FDA stated that the proposal was created because they “questioned the effectiveness of distributing prescribing information on paper”.

This database will be a wealth of information for the public, it will also provide providers and patients with important prescription information that they might not receive at the pharmacy, or they might not read due to the small print and tiny folds. This helps support the movement to everything being electronic with medications. This is encouraging that all drug manufacturers will be providing all drug information electronically. This shows a definite movement to everything dealing with drugs and prescriptions being electronic…the end of paper.

To read the full announcement, click the link below.

Kessler, Dena; Rosebush, Lee (2015) ‘FDA Proposes Electronic Distribution of Prescribing Information’ Baker Hostetler January 28, 2015