Where Are We with Controlled Substances and ePrescribing?

According to Surescripts, a company that provides a majority of electronic prescribing in the United States, over 70% of pharmacies are using electronic prescribing for regular prescriptions, but only 6% utilize software approved for controlled substances.

shutterstock_248475586So what is the holdup with implementing nationwide electronic prescribing? The DEA has implemented a lengthy list of strict rules and regulations that dental electronic prescribing software vendors and dental EHR vendors must obey in order to be DEA approved. These regulations were created to increase patient safety, drug security and monitored records during the electronic prescribing process for controlled substances. Some software vendors have not hopped through all of the DEA hoops necessary therefore there are less DEA approved electronic prescribing platforms presently than there will be in the near future.

Electronic prescribing provides dental professionals with a plethora of useful tools and patient safety features that should be implemented nation-wide as outlined in the recent webinar “Everything You Need to Know About ePrescribing”. The bottleneck in the process of this implementation comes from the DEA’s tight grip on electronic prescribing of controlled substances.