Is Certified Dental Software Better?

DentalPracticeManagementlogoThere is an abundance of confusing and false information about the Federal EHR Incentive Program floating around the Dental community. Much of this confusion stems from the fact that many dentists aren’t using or don’t know about federally tested and approved dental EHR software. I have assisted a number of dental software vendors with preparation for the EHR certification process and strongly believe that the extra testing and certification makes the EHR software better in many ways.

There are many aspects required by the EHR Certification process that improve EHRs. Electronic prescribing, automated drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy checking, patient problem lists, problem-based patient education, and incorporation of clinical decision support, just to name a few. These innovative features will continue to improve dental EHRs and increase patient safety.

In addition to making you eligible for incentive funds, implementing an official ONC certified EHR program benefits both the dental practice in the long run for both a patient care and administrative standpoint.

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