Oral Systemic Health and EHRs: Update

Dr. Lee Ostler

Dr. Lee Ostler
Center for Dental Health

On this episode of the Dental Software Advisor Podcast I continue the discussion of with Dr. Lee Ostler of where Oral Systemic Health has been, where it is going, and it’s impact on EHR development Dr. Ostler is the Co-founder and Immediate Past President of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health and also owns The Center for Dental Health in Richland, WA which regularly incorporates Oral Systemic Health practices. It has been proven that closer collaboration between the medical and dental community  as well as the use of comprehensive EHRs combining dental and medical information has improved patient care and outcomes while reducing costs.

As more research regarding the positive impacts of oral systemic health continue to come to light, EHR platforms will be pushed to develop more sophisticated features for providers to capture, analyze and collaborate on patient cases. In turn, these advancements in the EHR software will help the science behind oral systemic health grow.

During the interview, Dr. Ostler and I discuss a oral systemic health related topics including the financial impacts, what is needed to accelerate adoption and how oral systemic practices along with improved EHRs will continue to benefit both the medical and dental communities.

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