Mike Uretz – Managing Editor


mike uretz dental software advisorAs a 30 year technology veteran and nationally recognized EHR and Health IT consultant and educator,  Michael has assisted medical practices, community and critical access hospitals, community health centers, and dental  practices select EHR  vendors, obtain best pricing, structure and negotiate contracts, and insure implementations meet budgets and timelines.

As an educator with a passion for “Getting EHR Right”, Michael is frequently asked to conduct EHR Vendor Selection, Contract Negotiation, and Vendor Management seminars and workshops on both the state and national level and is the author of the popular White Paper  “7 mistakes made when purchasing Electronic Health Records and Health IT” . He was a member of the CCHIT EHR Certification Workgroup and has been a member of the working committee for EHR business practices and policy. Over the past year Michael has assisted a number of statewide Regional Extension Centers (REC) select EHR vendors, negotiate pricing, structure contracts/agreements, and manage vendor relationships.  As co-chairperson of the REC Best Practices for Contracts workgroup, Michael was instrumental in developing best practices for structuring vendor contracts and pricing proposals.