Curve Dental Products – Curve Hero

Curve Hero is a web-based practice management and clinical charting system. Being web-based means that dentists never have to install upgrades, can replace hardware as needed without altering software, and data back-ups are performed regularly and automatically. Curve Hero has many features:

  • Mouse-based charting. Curve Hero allows dentists and hygienists to “paint” on teeth in the chart in order to track procedures and diagnostic codes. This reduces the drop-down menus and long processes that many software programs require. This works for both teeth and perio charting.
  • Charts are designed for dentists and hygienists, not administrators. Charts support dental workflow like documenting existing state, patient education and treatment plans.
  • Multiple treatment plans can be created, selected and prioritized. Appointments can be created for portions of treatment plans.
  • Progress and clinical notes are stored in the same location, bringing patient data together in an intuitive way.
  • Drag and drop scheduling for ease of family appointments and quick appointment changes.
  • Browser-based data access so that off-hours calls can be answered knowledgeably.
  • Easy-to-use mail merge and mass printing functionality for web and paper communications with patients. A library of templates and base letters is also easy to create, including with logos.
  • Works with most digital cameras and sensors, and working to interface with all digital cameras and sensors. Curve Hero also works with most imaging software.
  • Online training for users, as well as certified trainers who discuss customization and ongoing use.
  • No server or licensing fees. A monthly subscription model.