Dental Sharing

Dental Sharing is a clinical information exchange vendor focused on transmitting dental images, in a HIPPA-compliant manner. The program works with existing imaging and clinical software to securely share files between providers. As a cloud-based program, providers can log into Dental Sharing from any tablet, phone or device and view images, tag them, and send images to other care providers. Because images are not sent through email, there is no compression and thus no loss of clarity or reduction in image quality. Commenting and tagging of images also allows for workflow between care providers.

Dental Sharing also functions as a secure back-up services for digital images. Audit trails allow for legal information to be preserved. Dental Sharing is available as a subscription service, but images can be sent to providers who are not subscribers.

Dental Sharing is a cloud-based web application developed in 2010 and based out of New Jersey. They are partners with Suni Medical Imaging.