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Next Generation Dental Software including electronic health records (EHR) are changing the landscape rapidly and dramatically for dental practices, with numerous benefits to the economic bottom line, clinical operations, and patient care of practices that embrace the transition. This new breed of software is giving some practices a distinct edge.  However, this new generation of software technology has never been so complex. There have never been so many options in terms of vendors and software offerings. And add to that the buzz about federal and state mandates, incentive programs, increased HIPAA liability, and the push to move everything to the cloud. It’s all so confusing.

With over a decade assisting individual practices and multi clinic groups in the evaluation and selection, purchase, and implementation of “next generation” practice management and electronic health record technologies, I have worked with and for both providers and administrators. As an educator, I have provided articles and insights for industry publications and websites as well as workshops and seminars for associations and educational organizations. With DentalSoftwareAdvisor.com I extend all that work by aggregating the knowledge, tools, and tips that both myself and my clients have been successful with over these past few years to help you make the right software and technology decisions for your practice or group.

So, with this in mind, DentalSoftwareAdvisor.com is being developed as the industry’s first informational  resource dedicated solely to providing no nonsense, unbiased, “actionable software information”  that is there when you need it. I encourage you to visit often as we develop an ever growing database of categorized case studies, articles, podcasts and videos meant to help you in the selection, purchase, implementation, and operation of increasingly sophisticated Dental Software. Stay tuned for upcoming podcasts and articles on dental software features and open conversations with dental vendors and other industry experts.

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