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DSA PodcastThe Future of Oral Systemic Health and It’s Impact on EHRs: In this episode of the Dental Software Advisor Podcast, Mike Uretz discusses the impact of Oral Systemic Health on general healthcare and electronic health record development with Immediate Past President of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health, Dr. G Lee Ostler Dr. Ostler.


DSA PodcastSNODENT and the Future of Dental Coding: This week on the Dental Software Advisor Podcast I discuss coding standards SNOMED CT and SNODENT with industry leader Mark Jurkovich, Chairperson of  the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization (IHTSDO) Dentistry Special Interest Group (SIG).


Marshfield Clinic Oral Systemic Health and the Future of Dental EHDSA PodcastRs: In this episode of the Dental Software Advisor Podcast, I sit down with Dr. Amit Acharya, Director of the Institute for Oral and Systemic Health and Associate Research Scientist in the Biomedical Information Research Center at the Marshfield Clinic, to discuss oral systemic health research and Dental EHR design and architecture.


DSA Podcast

EHR Vendor Association: The HIMSS Electronic Health Records Association works to create and implement standard, interoperability, performance and quality measures, and more to improve EHRs. Mike Uretz sits down with MacPractice CEO Mark Hollis to discuss the association in this episode of the Dental Software Advisor podcast.


EHDSA PodcastR Code of Conduct: MacPractice CEO Mark Hollis discusses the Electronic Health Record Code of Conduct with Mike Uretz in this episode of the Dental Software Advisor. The Electronic Health Records Association is made up of EHR vendors dedicated to working with each other to improve electronic health records. The EHR Association created the EHR code of conduct using input from the federal government, top EHR vendors and healthcare…


DSA PodcastCommonWell Health Alliance: In this episode of the Dental Software Advisor Podcast, Mike Uretz interviews MacPractice CEO Mark Hollis regarding the CommonWell Health Alliance. CommonWell works to improve interoperability across EHR platforms  as a way to provide better patient care for the public. Hollis discusses the future of EHR interoperability, who makes up CommonWell and how MacPractice has worked to assist CommonWell’s goal of industry-wide EHR interoperability.


DSA PodcastDentimax ePrescribing: In this episode of the Dental Software Advisor Podcast, Mike discusses ePrescribing with DentiMax EHR Director, David Smith. DentiMax offers certified EHR software that integrates ePrescribing abilities directly into the software. As the dental industry continues to move away from paper-based solutions, implementing ePrescribing into daily practice can help save money and time.


DSA PodcastBrightSquid HIPPA Compliant Messaging: In this edition of the Dental Software Advisor Podcast, Mike sits down with Brightsquid Dental CEO Rohit Joshi to discuss the transfer of patient information and how dental practices can make sure their communications are HIPPA compliant. Simply implementing ‘encrypted email’ does not provide the security a dental practice needs when transferring patient information and normal email services are not compliant or appropriate for communicating this information.


DSA PodcastNew York Mandate Extension: New York recently postponed the Electronic Prescribing mandate that was intended to take affect this month. Many health providers were well on their way to implementing certified ePrescribing software, but there was a large movement to postpone the mandate. The extension on this mandate slows down the nationwide spread of electronic prescribing.


DSA PodcastMacPractice ePrescribing: MacPractice is leading the way with developing, implementing and supporting practice management software for doctors and dentists who prefer to use Mac software. In this week’s Dental Software Advisor Podcast, CEO of MacPractice Mark Hollis discusses the changes with electronic prescribing and how MacPractice has implemented electronic prescribing in their software and where the future of Dental Practice Management programs are headed.


DSA PodcastDental Cloud 9 Analytics: Dental Cloud 9 is exploring ways to increase practice productivity and improve patient care through the integration of analytics and business intelligence tools within dental electronic health records and practice management software.


Use of Mobile Technology: As tablets, smartphones and other devices become ubiquitous, DSA Podcastdental practices often need to adapt. How can these devices assist with routine tasks and improve workflow throughout the practice?


DSA PodcastBrightSquid Visions of the Future: What will the future of dental digital communications hold? Mike Uretz speaks with Rohit Joshi, CEO of Brightsquid, to find out what one technology visionary predicts is up-and-coming for dental offices. Between outsourcing, digital design, implant creation and collaboration, and the connection across treatments with generalist and specialist practitioners, secure, HIPAA-compliant digital collaboration is necessary.


DSA PodcastPlanetDDS Claims and Revenue: In medicine, revenue cycle management is a standard feature that increases the speed and likelihood of insurer and patient payments to the dental office. In dentistry, this is a relatively new feature, and one that Denticon, by Planet DDS, offers.


DSA PodcastMeaningful Use and the Final Ruling: Meaningful use continues to confuse many dental practices, and there have been many regulatory changes that add to that confusion. However, a final ruling from the ONC has now happened. This podcast discusses meaningful use for dentists with Mark Hollis, CEO of MacPractice.


DSA PodcastSmoke and Mirrors: There is a lot of confusion in the dental software industry regarding the electronic health records incentive program and meaningful use that most dental providers and office managers are not aware of. Some dental software vendors are utilizing a “smoke and mirrors” strategy utilizing this program to help sell their software.


DSA PodcastImplementation with Dayna: Dayna Johnson from Rae Dental Management talks with me today to discuss best practices, tips and tricks for next-generation dental EHR implementation. Going paperless and meeting federal mandates is something Dayna has quite a bit of experience with, particularly the development of successful protocols for implementation.


DSA PodcastDiagnosis Coding: Mark Jurkovich has been deeply embedded in dental diagnostic coding for a number of years. As part of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization’s Dental Specialty Interest Group, he has advocated for and worked to produce clinically useful diagnostic and procedure codes.


DSA PodcastWhat is Revenue Cycle Management?: Claims and revenue are two keywords for all dental offices. Mike Uretz talks with Bill Jackson, Business Development Manager at Planet DDS, about how revenue cycle management in the Denticon software can assist dental offices.


DSA PodcastDosespot ePrescribing: The landscape of electronic prescribing is changing quickly and Dosespot is staying up-to-date with state mandates and the most current software. Greg Waldstreicher, CEO of Dosespot talks with Mike Uretz about Dosespot’s unique Surescripts & EPCS certified e-Prescribing platforms allows health professionals to streamline the prescribing process while ensuring patient safety and security on this week’s Dental Software Advisor Podcast.


DSA PodcastDr. Nelson MacPractice EHR Incentives: Dr. Joseph Nelson, DMD, owner of Pure Dental in Massachusetts, is one of the few dentists to have made it through not only Stage 1 of Meaningful Use, but also Stage 2. In this interview, I talk with him about electronic health records, his motivations during selection and implementation, and meaningful use incentives.


DSA PodcastDr. Lee Ostler and Oral Systemic Health: Dr. Lee Ostler, owner of the Center for Dental Health in Richland, WA  is a nationally  recognized pioneer in the field of Oral Systemic Health. Dr. Ostler is also President and a founding member of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health, a fast growing organization that supports the education and awareness of Oral Systemic Health within the medical and dental industries.


DSA PodcastGreenway Health HIE: Tim McLaughlin, ( marketing manager for the new dental division of Greenway Health and Mike Uretz discuss how medical dental Health Information Exchange (HIE) will grow in the near-term, how information exchange supports the oral systemic connection, and how Greenway is exploring ways to accelerate this much needed technology.


DSA PodcastSchein ePrescribing: Henry Schein is one of the largest providers of dental practice management software. Nate Nelson, Product Marketing Manager for Henry Schein in confident in his company’s ability to provide all of the necessary services to keep the nation’s dental practices up-to-date with software that will streamline the electronic prescribing process.


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