How to Survive Your Electronic Health Records Journey

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Minnesota is the first state to mandate the use of Dental Electronic Health Records (EHR) with others following their lead. Next Generation EHRs are changing the landscape rapidly and dramatically for dental practices with numerous benefits to the financial, clinical operations, and patient care of practices that embrace the transition. Dental EHRs are giving some practices a distinct edge.

“Mike’s experience and knowledge was evident in the workshop. Mike’s presentation was high-energy, informative and very effective. There were many members present there were eager to learn more. Mike was very effective in answering questions and giving new insight into product and vendor selection. Our initial member feedback was great and Mike has continued to provide ongoing support for our members.”
- Bridget Anderson (Minnesota Dental Association)

However, this new generation of software technology has never been so complex. There have never been so many options in terms of vendors and software offerings. And add to thats the buzz about federal and state mandates, new HIPAA rules, and the push to move everything to the cloud. It’s all so confusing.

Making a wrong decision can affect the future of your practice…

1)      Learn what changes in dentistry and healthcare are driving the Dental EHR Revolution

2)      Understand how payers are changing their reimbursement models using EHRs

3)      Get insight into EHR features and functionality that are changing clinical and patient care

4)      Explore everything you need to know about cloud based software.

5)      Learn about how EHRs support the explosion of oral systemic practices in dentistry

6)      Find out facts and myths about EHR incentives and how to obtain $63,000 per dentist.   .

7)      Understand how to reduce practice liability with HIPAA compliant EHRs

8)      Learn proven evaluation processes for selecting the EHR that best fits your needs

9)      Get tips on how to get a good price and structure a favorable EHR contract

10)     Learn strategies for making your implementation a success.