Get EHR Right Dental


Introduction by Managing Editor, Mike Uretz
Dental Electronic Health Records are coming and with it all the confusion and misinformation that has plagued the healthcare industry over the past decade as EHRs have gained momentum.  And Dental practices and groups will not be untouched by this.  As dental professionals you’ve increasingly heard more about the inevitability of EHRs.

The most recent catalyst has been the HITECH EHR incentive program along with governmental mandates, demand for better patient care, and increasingly complicated coding schemes.

The good news is after having been part of the EHR revolution for the past decade I can tell you with conviction that armed with the right information and assistance you can make your transition to Dental EHRs as painless as possible – if you are smart about it.

And this all centers around taking care of yourself and being in control when it comes to your EHR decision making.

  • What are the benefits of EHR? Is there an ROI?
  • Will dentists be eligible for EHR reimbursements that presently are  being given to physicians?
  • How do you evaluate EHR systems and select an appropriate EHR vendor partner?
  • What do you need to properly evaluate EHR proposals, contracts, and agreements
  • What are the facts about cloud based systems 
  • How do you assure a successful implementation and training?
  • How do you effectively manage post implementation issues and support?

These are only a few of the issues that you will have answered as you come back time and time again to as we grow our database of case studies, articles, podcasts and videos in the coming weeks and months. 

So Take charge, Take control and assure your EHR success.