Dentrix G5 Other Areas

Voice Activated Charting

To encourage hands-free charting, VoicePro recognizes speech entered into a headset microphone. It works with Microsoft products and Dentrix, allowing perio and clinical charting and notes to be done by voice. Commands can be customized.

Management Reports

To minimize time spent on reports, templates are offered for day sheets, aging reports, financial reports, patient lists and referrals/references. In addition, custom reports can be created and letters can be automatically sent to patients who fit desired criteria.

The Practice Analysis module allows practitioners to assess the financial status of their organization, and track goals and production. Further, this can be done on the fly or on a schedule.

Insurance Management

Employers and carriers can be linked in Dentrix, which helps to simplify benefits and insurance tracking. Standard insurance coverage amounts are included, and can be customized. Different fee schedules and HMO plans are accounted for in the software design. An algorithm in the software also estimates how much an insurer will cover, providing key predictions for billing and gaining consent.

Claims are sorted by patient and can be edited by clicking on the relevant area. In particular, uninsured procedures are automatically identified, along with secondary insurance. Sending and accepting electronic claims is also built in.

For some practitioners, the Dentrix-Trojan software provides key information to automatically populate the software.

Document Center

To encourage a paperless practice, the document center in Dentrix allows importing of any Microsoft Office document, along with plain text or rich text files, or any program that has the ability to print. In addition, digital signatures are built into the document functionality, to reduce the need to print documents. Patient documents can be attached to particular patients and appointments.