Dentrix Products

With 30,000 installations and 20 years of experience, Dentrix is the undisputed leader in practice management solutions. You can trust Dentrix to help you use the latest advances in technology to build a Digital Dental Office® and improve your productivity and profitability.

Dentrix also offers powerful integrated eServices to boost your front office productivity by allowing your team to get more done in less time. Time-consuming tasks, such as submitting patient insurance claims, sending appointment reminders, processing patient payments and entering patient data, can be done faster or automatically in Dentrix.

And most importantly, Dentrix is backed by Henry Schein Dental’s customer service guarantee.

With the release of Dentrix G4, Henry Schein again raises the bar in practice management by giving you powerful new tools to improve the patient experience and simplify profitability management. They include:

Dentrix Mobile

With Dentrix Mobile, you can use your smart phone and mobile device to get fast, secure access to current information about your patients, appointments, medical alerts and prescriptions – anytime, anywhere. See how Dentrix Mobile can keep you in touch with your practice.

Dentrix Kiosk

Using an in-office Dentrix Kiosk on an Apple iPad or touchscreen PC, your patients can update their personal, medical and insurance information themselves, helping you reduce errors and begin treatment sooner. Read more about the Dentrix Kiosk solution.

Dentrix Practice Advisor

With Dentrix Practice Advisor, your team gets easy-to-read reports that compare the financial and operational health of your practice to industry benchmarks so you can identify areas to quickly improve to increase profitability. But Practice Advisor doesn’t stop at just reporting, it also offers consultant-endorsed recommendations on actions you should take to improve these key areas of your business, helping you take the guesswork out of practice analysis so you can focus your time on caring for patients. Read more about how Dentrix Practice Advisor can help your practice.

Profitability coaching

With input from the industry’s top consultants, such as The Pride Institute, Straine Consulting and Jameson Consulting, Henry Schein also offers a unique coaching program to teach your team how to use Dentrix as a more effective profit-boosting tool. Our experts can show you how to use Dentrix reports and performance metrics to help your team focus on increasing profitability. Read more.