Digital Imaging

Carestream has several digital imaging solutions. For 3D Imaging, there’s the CS 9000 and CS 93000 systems, with extraoral imaging and low radiation. The CS 9300 Select is the lower-priced version, with fewer features.

  • For plate systems, Carestream has the CR 7400 and the CS 7600. The former works with your existing x-ray equipment to digitize and store images. The latter includes task automation and can be used at the chair or centrally in the office.
  • Carestream also supports cameras, notably the Canon G12 and Canon Rebel T3i. Both are low maintenance, point and shoot cameras, and the G12 has a macro light ring.
  • For RVG imaging, Carestream has the 6100 sensor system, which has high lp/mm resolution. It can be upgraded to the 6500 system, which includes a mobile app for use on an iPad, and works with wireless capabilities for a cord-free office. The RVG 5100 system is the 141 lp/mm resolution.


The dental imaging software from Carestream accepts images from any of the digital imaging systems mentioned here, and acts as the central control hub for the practitioner. Modules for caries detection, cosmetic imaging, orthodontic imaging, oral and maxillofacial surgery imaging, and a 3D stitching upgrade kit for older systems.

  • Intraoral cameras are great for communicating with patients. The CS 1200 is the introductory camera. The CS 1500 intraoral camera is a top of the line digital imaging solution. The CS 1600 intraoral camera improves upon the 1500 by including polarization and caries detection assistance.
  • For panoramic images, Carestream offers the 8000 and 9000 systems. These provide cephalometric imaging (note that the 8000 requires an upgrade).
  • For X-rays, the CS 2100 and 2200 systems are designed for both safety and accurate diagnoses.