What’s The Meaning of Meaningful Use? Explaining EDR Incentive Programs Fact & Fiction

The Meaningful Use HITECH funding program for Electronic Health Records announced by the Office of the National Coordinator has catalyzed and sped up the movement towards electronic health records adoption.  However, much of the information publicized regarding this program can be misleading, misunderstood, or riddled with misinformation. Are these deals too good to be true? Is there a catch? And, as a dental provider, how relevant is all this talk of EDR reimbursement and mandates.

By understanding the facts and myths surrounding these EDR funding programs, providers and practice managers should be able to make more informed decisions

Mike teaches:

1)         What the Federal Meaningful Use program is and how it works

2)         Is there really a federal mandate and does it affect dental providers?

3)         Are dental software vendors addressing Meaningful Use?

4)         What you need  to be eligible for Meaningful Use reimbursement

5)         How to Understand  vendor Meaningful Use guarantees

6)         How certification is evolving.

7)        What are the long term goals of Meaningful Use?