Get EHR Right Hospital


Introduction by Executive Director, Mike Uretz
Large health systems and hospitals are increasing taking affiliated practices away from community and critical access hospitals using better technology as the hook. They can offer “EHR in a box” as the offering and use Stark as the vehicle to make it more affordable. In addition to offering ambulatory EHR’s to affiliated practices, they have an edge over recruiting new providers to their organizations with brand new shiny in house EHRs.

But community and critical access hospitals can fight back by controlling their own EHR destiny. However, the problems with incorporating EHR in a hospital setting are many whether it be for an inpatient system or for an ambulatory system for in house clinics and affiliated practices. And having a guide through this journey can help assure EHR success.

  • How do you make your EHR affordable and more palatable for hospital board approval?
  • Can you assure your vendor will meet your IT department’s needs?
  • How do you protect the hospital from signing one sided agreements and contracts with little protection and assurances.
  • Can you get your vendor to honor their commitments as inevitable problems and issues crop up both during and after implementation?


So Take charge, Take control and assure your EHR success.