Have it Your Way! Negotiating Winning Dental Software Contracts

Whether a practice needs to upgrade to a newer generation practice management system, or add electronic dental records, chances are that they will be given a one sided contract which protects the vendor’s interests but not those of the practice? So how does a dental practice protect itself, and its considerable financial investment, when dealing with vendors, especially in evaluating and negotiating contracts? How does the practice assure adequate support after implementation? How does it avoid making expensive mistakes? Although healthcare attorneys are familiar with many types of dental practice agreements, an EDR or dental software contract can be a whole different ball game, requiring specific technical knowledge and experience.

Mike provides expert advice on how to:

1)         Take an “apples to apples” approach to vendor price comparison

2)         Negotiate the best price using win-win strategy

3)         Avoid hidden or unnecessary costs and charges

4)         Put teeth in your vendor Meaningful Use Guarantee

5)         Choose the best licensing structure

6)         Assure solid support, now and in the future

7)         Protect yourself from vendor insolvency

8)         Maintain control of patient data

9)         Control future costs

10)     Get favorable payment terms

11)     Get adequate warrantees

12)     Hold your vendor accountable for promises made

The Contracts portion will include an analysis of actual vendor contract clauses and how to modify them to make them more protective for the practice.