What a Tangled Web Project We Weave: The Right Way to Work with a Web Site Development Company

As website technology gets increasingly sophisticated with more capabilities every day, many practices and healthcare organizations are looking to upgrade and improve their outdated websites. However, the horror stories are endless of web development companies taking advantage of innocent practices and healthcare organizations. Web sites come in over budget and expectations are not met. In many cases the practices complain that they feel they are held hostage by the web development company. Be selecting the right web development company and holding them accountable it is possible to have a much more productive and successful website development or upgrade experience.

Mike provides expert advice to help you:

1)         Assess needs and goals for your website

2)         Develop a short list of website development companies

3)         Integrate outside products, such as patient portals into your website

4)         Structure a request for proposal (RFP) and vendor evaluation

5)         Compare vendors side by side

6)         Analyze vendor information to select final vendor

7)         Negotiate the best price using win-win strategy

8)         Avoid hidden or unnecessary costs and charges

9)         Structure a protective development and ongoing support contract

10)     Avoid nickel and diming after your site is up and running

11)     Maintain and modify your own site with easy to use tools