How to Select the Right EHR Vendor for Your Needs

Providers and practice managers  typically spend months viewing vendor demos, talking to colleagues, scanning LISTSERVS and searching the Internet for the magic bullet that will lead them to the right vendor. What they really want is to reduce the stress and time associated with making the right decision.  There are proven methods that will help you choose the right vendor in a timely manner and be successful

Mike teaches you how to:

1)         Prioritize EHR system features for your practice or group

2)         Understand EHR certification for vendors

3)         Develop a short list of vendors

4)         Structure a Request for Proposal and vendor evaluation

5)         Understand differences in technology

6)         Interview vendors

7)         Arrange effective and time-saving vendor demonstrations

8)         Compare vendors side by side

9)         Analyze proposals to select final vendor