Planet DDS Clinical

planetdds logoCaring for patients’ health is central to the dental record, and Denticon clinical records track all key variables, ranging from allergy and medical alerts to anatomic sites with a historical overview of data (i.e., periodontal). The software displays all planned treatments and allows practices to log, write, and print prescriptions. Changes and alterations to images and data are all tracked for auditing purposes.

Patient history components include a customizable health history interview built into the software, with free text entry capability and commenting for unusual cases. Multiple historical versions can be maintained for a single patient, and the medication record is also stored in Denticon, along with relevant procedure and diagnostic codes. Patient information (including allergies) propagates throughout the software.

Denticon software complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Hierarchical access allows dentists to limit information visibility. The software also includes important documentation like consent, treatment, home care information, medication orders, post-treatment and education forms for practice use.

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