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Denticon, Planet DDS’s cloud-based practice management software, is a powerful, flexible tool trusted by thousands of dental professionals across the country. Planet DDS was a pioneer in the cloud with Denticon and has over ten years of experience converting dental practices from legacy practice management solutions to its cloud-based solution. Features include:

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    □ Clinical Charting

    Caring for patients’ health is central to the dental record, and Denticon clinical records track all key variables, ranging from allergy and medical alerts to anatomic sites with a historical overview of data (i.e., periodontal). The software displays all planned treatments and allows practices to log, write, and print prescriptions. Changes and alterations to images and data are all tracked for auditing purposes.

    Patient history components include a customizable health history interview built into the software, with free text entry capability and commenting for unusual cases. Multiple historical versions can be maintained for a single patient, and the medication record is also stored in Denticon, along with relevant procedure and diagnostic codes. Patient information (including allergies) propagates throughout the software.

    Denticon software complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Hierarchical access allows dentists to limit information visibility. The software also includes important documentation like consent, treatment, home care information, medication orders, post-treatment and education forms for practice use.

    □ Image management

    Dentiray is Denticon’s cloud-based image management system for digital X-rays. It allows practices to take, view, save, and upload imagery to the cloud. Images are captured with a digital sensor, which allows for immediate viewing. Images are then saved on a local hard drive and uploaded to the cloud on a schedule determined by the practice. Every picture taken is automatically saved, and can be sent electronically to other dentists, specialists, or insurers.

    System Requirements

    Dentiray works best with Microsoft Windows 7 or above. For proper functioning, Dentiray software needs at least 1 GB of RAM (4 GB or higher recommended), and at least 80GB of hard drive storage (250 GB or higher recommended). The display must be capable of SVGA 1024×768 or higher resolution, and the processor must be an Intel or AMD 1 GHz (2 GHz or higher recommended). Recent Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat and USB ports are also needed.

    □ Scheduler

    Denticon offers customized patient alerts and preferences for each individual patient—including medical alerts, expected revenue, preferred timing, contact information and financial or schedule problems. Tracking of broken appointments allows for productivity and loss planning, with an audit trail for modified appointments. Future production reports allow forecasting and planning. Default appointment types allow practices to schedule six month or annual appointments and continuing care, and print appropriate cards or letters. Lists of patients due to be seen can be compiled by time period, payment status and other criteria.

    Schedules can also be generated for multiple providers, groups of providers or a clinic as a whole, and can be arranged in blocks, according to patterns or by percentages. Overrides for double booking are allowed. Patient and provider scheduling concerns are all tracked, and the treatment plan directly interfaces with the scheduling, which also notes patient financial information. Lab and outsourced work are also visible.

    □ Treatment Planning

    Treatment plans for patients can be aggregated into an overall view or parsed into particular phases for a single patient. Virtual charting is integrated with procedures performed and pending, and financial requirements and scheduling information is all visible, along with patient notes. Treatment plans can be sorted and ordered, across and within patient records. Complete and incomplete plans can be printed or sent electronically, and automatic calculations of insurance benefits and financial overhead are provided.

    □ Financial Features

    Denticon cloud-based practice management software allows dental practices to fully understand and manage the financial side of their businesses. Easily sort pending collections by date group. Sort bills by provider, with built-in interest calculations. Sort by insurance company too, with multiple options for sending bills—including by alphabetical name, by time period, or by procedure. Simplify data entry with procedure codes that automatically generate fees and payments tracked by ADA procedure code.

    Keep up with ever-changing patient and insurer information with easy transfer of balances and the ability to bill insurers under a provider’s name. Track estimated benefit and patient balances, with automated thank-yous for complete payments.

    Customize patient walk-outs, with breakdowns by current and previous balance, insurance coverage, deductible/co-pay, next appointment, teeth involved in treatment and other key information.

    Denticon also allows practices to track and analyze charges, payments, adjustments, discounts, refunds, referrals and the collection/production ratio. Easily compare current performance to historical information to get a picture of performance that includes number of active patients and missed payment reports. In addition, deposit slips can be separated by many variables, and accounts receivable summary reports can be sorted by procedure code and balance aging.

  • Certified EHR
  • Patient communications
  • E-Prescribing Capabilities
  • Automated insurance verification

All data and office processes are stored in the cloud, so patient data is secure and always within reach, even across multiple offices.

    □ System Requirements

    Denticon works best with Microsoft Windows 7 or above. For proper functioning, Denticon software needs at least 1 GB of RAM (4 GB or higher recommended), and at least 80GB of hard drive storage (250 GB or higher recommended). The display must be capable of SVGA 1024×768 or higher resolution, and the processor must be an Intel or AMD 1GHz (2GHz or higher recommended). Recent Internet Explorer and Adobe Acrobat are also needed.

    □ Training and Support

    Free Training and Support

    Planet DDS has built a robust Customer Success Portal that reflects nearly a decade of customer feedback and our long tenure as the first dental practice management software offering in the cloud. Our portal contains:

    Nearly 1,000 reference items with explanations of how to handle common tasks and answers to frequently asked questions, clearly organized by topic
    Detailed videos that explain, screen-by-screen, how to navigate the software
    A glossary of dental industry terms
    A troubleshooting tool to steer you in the right direction in our knowledge base
    Every Denticon subscriber has access to this portal, which can meet most if not all of a practice’s training needs.

    Premium Support

    Live e-mail and phone support are available to Premium Support subscribers. Without a subscription, these support calls are charged at an hourly rate.