Planet DDS Financial Features

planetdds logoDenticon cloud-based practice management software allows dental practices to fully understand and manage the financial side of their businesses. Easily sort pending collections by date group. Sort bills by provider, with built-in interest calculations. Sort by insurance company too, with multiple options for sending bills—including by alphabetical name, by time period, or by procedure. Simplify data entry with procedure codes that automatically generate fees and payments tracked by ADA procedure code.

Keep up with ever-changing patient and insurer information with easy transfer of balances and the ability to bill insurers under a provider’s name. Track estimated benefit and patient balances, with automated thank-yous for complete payments.

Customize patient walk-outs, with breakdowns by current and previous balance, insurance coverage, deductible/co-pay, next appointment, teeth involved in treatment and other key information.

Denticon also allows practices to track and analyze charges, payments, adjustments, discounts, refunds, referrals and the collection/production ratio. Easily compare current performance to historical information to get a picture of performance that includes number of active patients and missed payment reports. In addition, deposit slips can be separated by many variables, and accounts receivable summary reports can be sorted by procedure code and balance aging.

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