Introduction and Overview

Mike Uretz is a 30-year technology veteran and nationally-recognized Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Health IT expert. As a healthcare industry software consultant and educator, Mike has helped hundreds of individual clinical practices and multi-clinic groups properly evaluate and select their EHR and Health IT vendors and solutions.

His expertise also includes structuring and negotiating software and services contracts and agreements to ensure that implementations meet budgets, adhere to timelines, and ultimately, avoid vendor performance and support issues.

As a dynamic educator with a passion for “Getting EHR Right”, Mike regularly conducts EHR and healthcare software seminars and workshops across the country.  He is also the author of the useful, must-have guide for dentists entitled; “7 Costly Mistakes Made When Purchasing Electronic Dental Record Software.”

Mike UretzMike was a member of the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology EHR vendor certification workgroup (CCHIT), and has been a member of the working committee for EHR business practices and policy. Over the past two years, Mike has helped a number of statewide Regional Extension Centers, under the Meaningful Use program, to evaluate and select EHR vendors, structure contracts and agreements, and manage vendor issues. As co-chairman of the Best practices advisory committee for EHR Contracts, Mike has been instrumental in developing standards for structuring vendor contracts and pricing for use by state programs nationwide.

Specific to dentistry, Mike recently joined the American Dental Association’s Committee on vendor Interoperability and health information exchange and is lending his expertise to help the organization develop technology standards and guidelines that will simplify the integration of Electronic Dental Record solutions with existing technology such as practice management and digital imaging software.

The following presentations, seminars, and workshops that Mike has conducted and perfected over the past decade have been updated and tailored specifically for the dental industry to help guide single and multi-practice owners on their EDR journey:

What’s The Meaning of Meaningful Use? Explaining EDR Incentive Programs Fact & Fiction

The Meaningful Use HITECH funding program for Electronic Health Records announced by the Office of the National Coordinator has catalyzed and sped up the movement towards electronic health records adoption.  [Continue Reading…]

Evidence-Based Vendor Selection: Choosing the Right EDR Provider for Your Needs

Providers and practice managers typically spend months viewing vendor demos, talking to colleagues, scanning LISTSERVS and searching the Internet for the magic bullet that will lead them to the right vendor. What they really want is to reduce the stress and time associated with making the right decision.  [Continue Reading…]

Have it Your Way! Negotiating Winning Dental Software Contracts

Whether a practice needs to upgrade to a newer generation practice management system, or add electronic dental records, chances are that they will be given a one sided contract which protects the vendor’s interests but not those of the practice?  [Continue Reading…]

Who’s the Boss? Take Charge and Manage Your EDR Vendor

EDR Vendors were not prepared for the mad rush to Meaningful Use. And because it has been difficult to ramp up their development, implementation and support resources quickly enough to satisfy demand, practices that have implemented their products have suffered. [Continue Reading…]

Look at Clouds from Both Sides Now: Pros & Cons of Web and Cloud Based Dental Software

One of the major barriers to purchase of EDR has been the daunting task of building an IT infrastructure, purchasing servers and networks, and hiring either IT staff or consultants to build and support it. [Continue Reading…]

Like Sticking to Teflon: Holding Your IT Services Provider Accountable

At some point practices will hire an IT services company or individual to install their software, set up their networks and computer hardware, provide ongoing technical support or provide other IT services. . [Continue Reading…]

Don’t Buy the Demo!  How to Ask the Right Technical Questions

Practices and Groups typically evaluate EDR and Dental Software systems solely based on what they can see in a demo…  And that’s what the vendor is hoping for.  [Continue Reading…]

What a Tangled Web Project We Weave: The Right Way to Work with a Web Site Development Company

As website technology gets increasingly sophisticated with more capabilities every day, many practices and healthcare organizations are looking to upgrade and improve their outdated websites.  [Continue Reading…]


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