Look at Clouds from Both Sides Now: Pros & Cons of Web and Cloud Based Dental Software

One of the major barriers to purchase of EDR has been the daunting task of building an IT infrastructure, purchasing servers and networks, and hiring either IT staff or consultants to build and support it. Practices and larger multi-clinic groups are many times out of their element when attempting such purchases. These concerns can many times be alleviated by either purchasing web based, software as a service (SAAS) solution or outsourcing the IT infrastructure to an outside IT hosting Service. However, there are a number of considerations to address before tackling these options.

Mike explores the following:

1)       Compare a web-based (SAAS) or hosted solution to an in house approach.

2)       Understand the benefits of a SAAS  vs. IT hosting solution

3)       Select a SAAS or hosting vendor

4)       Make sure the vendor lives up to their commitments

5)       Address the components of a good SAAS or IT hosting contract

6)      Prepare for later transition to an in house solution