RecordLinc Products and Services

  1. RecordLinc is a HIPAA-compliant dental networking portal for referrals and laboratory case management. The basic version allows dentists to accept and read referrals, while the pro version allows dentists to collaborate and upload patient data, as well as remote access to patient files. Dentists can participate in relevant study groups, collaborate on cases, track laboratory progress and view patient files remotely and securely.
  2. Global Dental List is a professional database of dentists throughout the world. There are over 750,000 dentists in the database.
  3. Online Dental Conference is a global, virtual dental conference that uses RecordLinc and other technologies to provide a virtual trade show.
  4. MyDentalFiles is a secure, online patient registration and form process. It also offers patient communication, including appointment reminders and requests for missing information. Patients can fill in forms securely before appointments, enabling smoother and faster check-ins and electronic capture of key information.