Who’s the Boss? Take Charge and Manage Your EDR Vendor

EDR Vendors were not prepared for the mad rush to Meaningful Use. And because it has been difficult to ramp up their development, implementation and support resources quickly enough to satisfy demand, practices that have implemented their products have suffered. However there is hope if you’re willing to take control of your situation.

Mike shares stories, case studies, and strategies of organizations that have experienced and overcome vendor issues. This is for you if are either about to purchase an EDR, in the middle of an EDR implementation, or have already gone live and need to :

1)         Be proactive in bringing issues to the forefront

2)         Get your vendor to listen

3)         Develop a plan and process for issue resolution

4)          Include vendor accountability in the contract (for those that haven’t signed contracts)

5)         Get vendor accountability (for those that have already signed contracts)

6)         Understand how a vendor looks at client issues

7)         Use documentation to manage issues

8)         Get the support you need

9)        Escalate unresolved issues