The Complete Exam – Clinical Features

Tooth charting includes three-dimensional representations of teeth and their conditions or diagnoses. Photos and images for specific teeth and areas are visible from the graphic representation of the teeth Periodontal charting is designed for ease of use and graphical representation of findings, including completeness of the exam and color-coding for problem areas. In addition to tooth and periodontal charting, TCE software has an optional TMJ module. TMJ exam information can integrate with imaging and prescription systems, and visual aids assist in patient education.

Clinical notes in TCE software focus on legal accountability and customization. Notes can be color coded by provider or type of note, and typing is limited by automatic posting to notes for procedures. Treatment plans (Tx plans) allows for drag-and-drop creation of treatment plans to phase and group them for appointments. Scheduled appointments are indicated, and color coding indicates the stage in the appointment process. Referral tracking and lab management are also included.