The Complete Exam

The Complete Exam (or TCE) software focuses first and foremost on collection and use of clinical, electronic health record (EHR) information in the whole office environment. The software has administrative and billing modules, but the emphasis is on dentists’ patient care and the interactions to collect, analyze and use health data. Tooth and periodontal charting, TMJ examinations, color-coded notes with customizable templates and treatment planning are all incorporated. For administrative purposes, color-coded appointment calendars, patient profiles, patient ledgers, separate administrative notes and reporting are all featured. Patient communications can also be stored and viewed.

In addition, interoperability and interfaces with other software are emphasized. That includes bridges for many digital imaging systems and connection to Intuit Quickbooks®.

TCE is available as traditional software or cloud-based software. TCE was developed in 2003 by Exam Technologies International, which is based in Virginia.

The Complete Exam focuses on a number of clinical and administrative features, with an underlying electronic health record.