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How to Survive Your Electronic Health Records Transition

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Minnesota is the first state to mandate the use of Dental Electronic Health Records (EHR). New York has made ePrescribing mandatory. It is predicated that other states will soon follow their lead. The “train has left the station” and Next Generation EHRs are changing the landscape rapidly and dramatically for dental practices with numerous benefits to the financial, clinical operations, and patient care of practices that embrace the transition. Dental EHRs are giving some practices a distinct edge in the marketplace.

However, this new generation of software technology has never been so complex. There have never been so many options in terms of vendors and software offerings. Some vendors are taking advantage by offering false information, one sided contracts, and questionable pricing. And add to that all the the buzz about federal and state mandates, new HIPAA rules, and the push to move everything to the cloud. It’s all so confusing.

Making wrong decisions can be disastrous to your practice or group …

1)      Find out how federal and state regulations are moving toward mandated use of EHRs
2)      See how payers are changing your insurance reimbursement because of EHRs
3)      Learn how to be HIPAA compliant with EHRs and avoid up to $1.5 million in fines
4)      Learn how to get more referral business and collaborate effectively using EHRs
5)      Learn how mobile technology in EHRs is giving providers more freedom
6)      Determine if you’re eligible for up to $63,750 per provider in EHR incentive monies.
7)       Learn how EHR templates help save time on your exams, procedures, and treatments
8)       Learn tips for making your documentation quicker and more accurate with EHRs
9)       Learn how to choose the right EHR for your practice and avoid costly mistakes
10)     Get valuable insider contract negotiation tips that will help level the playing field
11)      Learn how to get the best prices from  EHR vendors and avoid unnecessary expense
12)     Get tips on how to hold your vendor accountable and give you the support you deserve