XLDent Clinical Charting

Clinical_ChartingXLChart provides the clinical workspace needed for electronic, paperless charting. Tooth charts, periodontal charts and progress notes are all integrated into an easy-to-view software. In addition, users with tablets can write directly on the chart (“Ink on Chart”), marking up the chart and indicating conditions and findings. Those notes can be hidden or viewed, depending on who is viewing and if you are talking to a patient and want to demonstrate their particular condition after talking about a healthy mouth. The Ink on Chart feature allows users to provide a paperless office quickly and with little change to existing input mechanisms.

To increase flexibility, multiple modes of input and output are provided. Periodontal exams can be voice activated, typed or written with a tablet pen. Results can be numerically or visually presented. Results can also be emailed, printed or uploaded to other systems.

XLDent calls their note taking system “Note Libraries.” The Note Library allows users to create shortcuts to their own standard notes, or to create new notes each time, depending on preference.