XLDent Practice Management

XL_Dent Practice ManagementThe Practice Management module focuses on patient and appointment information. The customizable patient view allows users of different types to see the data relevant to their role. A patient toolbar connects documents, scheduling, insurance, and other information from across the patient history. The Appointment Scheduler provides detailed and rapid scheduling functionality as well as several analytic views to see how the schedule will look over time. Color schedules and a daily task pad keep the practice running smoothly.

The Post Appointment screen connects patient history, procedures (scheduled and completed) and billing and appointment information. Aggregated data views provide analytic windows into patients, procedures, productivity and scheduling. The ability to merge with Word and to create patient letters and internal reports within XLDent allows for documentation transfer.

If a practice implements the XLPortal software as well, patient and doctor portals provide integrated views of patient-specific information. The Portals can be logged into remotely or viewed at workstations.

XLDent Practice Management module also includes free eMessages, an appointment and patient communication online system. eMessages allows email and text messages for reminders, follow-up, questions and education information.